Information for Referrers

Anyone can refer to Independent Advocacy Perth and Kinross.

Referrals can be made by phoning our office number or via our website – see ‘Get in Touch – Refer Someone’.

Independent Advocacy Perth & Kinross aims to help people by supporting them to express their own needs and make their own informed decisions. Independent advocates support people to gain access to information and explore and understand their options. They speak on behalf of people who are unable to speak for themselves, or choose not to do so. They safeguard people who are vulnerable or discriminated against or whom services find difficult to support.

For more information about how we can help see – ‘What We Do’ or ‘Who We Support’.

Important things to know as a referrer:

  • Our primary accountability is to our advocacy partners
  • We do not have a legal duty to act in someone’s best interests
  • We follow the agenda of the advocacy partner regardless of the views, interests and agendas of other
  • IAPK provides no other service and has no other interests or links and is therefore as free as possible from conflict of interest.
  • We do not withhold information from our advocacy partners
  • We will uphold the partners confidentiality and only share information at the discretion of the advocacy partner or according to our confidentiality policy

What do other referrers say about IAPK?

“I cannot praise the service enough. I am immensely grateful that we have this invaluable resource. That the point of contact is always friendly and helpful – despite the volume of work we continue to bring you, and that the individual Advocates are empathic, professional and reliable. It is a source of comfort knowing that such a service is available to individuals to balance the difficult circumstances we find ourselves in when using the Mental Health Act”

“Independent advocacy is a crucial role and brings a voice for the individual by an organisation (IAPK) that has no hidden agenda. The role of IAPK and their continual involvement in matters is essential in both the ‘interests of justice’ and to ensure ‘fair and reasonable’ process. If independent advocacy did not exist then I do not think there would be a fully democratic process for individuals/carers and the on-going involvement/option of independent advocacy is essential”

“They have made a big difference to people who would never manage to stay engaged in important process without their assistance.”

“I have repeatedly seen the very marked difference IAPK and individual Advocates make for people I work with in giving them a voice, value, self-esteem and their proper place at a time when they might otherwise feel compromised. This is a service we should be proud of. ”

“The service is very person centred and the staff seem very willing to tailor their support to meets the needs of the service user.”

Code of Practice

Independent Advocacy Perth and Kinross adhere to the ‘Principles, Standards and Code of Best Practice’ produced and published by the Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance (SIAA, 2019).

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If you require the support of Independent Advocacy Perth & Kinross please contact us on 01738 587887 or send us a message using our contact form.