Advocacy Stories.

They listened, understood and saw my perspective. They stand beside you and let you be heard. You have no idea how powerful that is.

They listen more to my advocate. I don’t know all these fancy words and what to do and say. She’s the best help I’ve ever had – the first help for me. I don’t know where I’d be without my advocate, she’s top notch!

Someone listening to me. Being with me in and out of meetings. Knowing someone cares to help me with my problems.

They helped me to communicate effectively in meetings. It was a very emotional experience for me and it was challenging not to get angry. IAPK did their best in the circumstances and I’ll never forget that help. Thank goodness for their existence.

My advocate was a great help to me trying to find avenues to explore and try and get me some kind of justice from the predicament I find myself in at this time.

Someone who listens to you. No judgement. My advocate has helped me feel more confident when speaking with other services and helps to reduce my anxiety.

They helped with a contract I had taken out. I would have been charged a large amount of money and my advocate helped by speaking to the company and explaining my condition and that they should not have signed this contract with me as a result of my mental health – she helped me to get out of paying it.