Non-instructed Advocacy.

In instructed advocacy an advocate agrees an agenda with the advocacy partner and represents the partner’s views and wishes or supports the partner to do so.

In non-instructed advocacy the advocate will observe the partner and their situation, look for alternative means of communication with the partner, gather information from significant others in the partner’s life, if appropriate, and ensure the partner’s rights are upheld.

In general an advocate would expect to represent the partner’s views to decision makers or to support the partner to express these views.

Non-instructed advocacy considers the following question:

‘How can we (advocates) best advocate for people who cannot tell us clearly what they want or need?’

To help provide an answer to this there are a number of questions which a non-instructed advocate will consider:

  1. What is life like for this person?
  2. What is important to them?
  3. What might their wishes, feelings and desires be?
  4. What are their rights?
  5. What information do other people who know this person know about their past or present preferences?
  6. What responsibilities do other people or organisations have towards this person?
  7. Is this person being treated fairly?
  8. How can we increase this person’s involvement in decisions made about them and their life?

(Non-Instructed Advocacy Guidelines, Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance, 2009)

Non-instructed Advocacy

Non-Instructed Advocacy

Non-instructed advocacy is…taking affirmative action with or on behalf of a person who is unable to give a clear indication of their views or wishes in a specific situation. The non-instructed advocate seeks to uphold the person’s rights; ensure fair and equal treatment and access to services; and make certain that decisions are taken with due consideration for their unique preferences and perspectives.
(Henderson, 2006)

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